Back Cove Financial
Back Cove Financial

you will feel welcome when you walk through our doors, AND BREATHE EASIER WHEN WE ARE DONE.


Back Cove Financial is a team of professional advisors and dedicated support staff working together for our clients’ financial well-being. We provide practical investment planning that reflects your whole life. Through our comprehensive approach to wealth management, we assess what is reasonable for your immediate situation, and establish an attainable plan of action. Combining our experience with common sense, we help you sift through complex scenarios to determine the best choices for your unique circumstances. 


Our Core Values

We believe in creating an environment that is respectful, trustworthy, and empowering. Here are the values our team commits to upholds:
  • We are independent, and not beholden to any product; we recommend only what is best for you. 
  • We tell you the truth, and are completely on your side. 
  • We help you understand, and feel more in control.
  • We see no excuse to be anything less than fully transparent with you. 
  • We believe you deserve honesty and clarity, and we will never speak to you otherwise.
  • We value your work as much as you value ours.
  • We live and work in this community, so we give back by volunteering our time as much as we can.



Planning for retirement
We will advise you on how much to save, what types of accounts to invest in, and an optimal risk level based on your circumstances.

Buying a home
We can help you create a positive cash flow to achieve this significant goal.

Having a baby
We will help you invest for your child's future and advise you on buying life insurance.

Switching jobs
We can help you roll over old 401(k)s and IRAs.

Receiving an inheritance
We can advise on how to invest according to your particular needs and philosophies.

If the market goes down...
...we are here when you pick up the phone to call us. Market downturns are normal. Risk Management, diversification, and defense are all parts of a typical portfolio. We will walk with you through this process.

Uncertain what to save for?
We will listen intently and help you set goals. You may not have a specific reason to save, but still want to grow your wealth over time. We will provide allocation guidance according to the number of years you want to stay invested.