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Prior to joining Back Cove Financial, I worked for non-profit environmental organizations to help them gain the media attention, critical funding, and effective messaging tools they needed to further their missions.

My passion for the outdoors started in Maine’s woods – camping, hiking, and whitewater rafting with my friends as a teenager. The outdoors are where I found my confidence and voice. Those experiences inspired my work to protect important natural areas for others and motivated me to earn a B.S. Environmental Science degree from the University of Vermont.

After college my passion for the outdoors quickly began to meld with my natural skills for communication, planning, and relationship building. Over time, I noticed that I was sharing my growing personal financial knowledge with friends more and more.

I made a big transition to join this team, but the change was a natural fit.   

I am so fortunate to have been raised by a financial advisor, especially Sarah. At home, I inherited my parents’ work ethic and learned lessons in setting financial goals, saving, living within your means, credit, and investing. Ahead of my time, I admired financial independence and planned my financial future. I helped peers write their first check in college, understand the 401k plan at their first career job, and prepare to ask for their first raises.

With new expertise to gain, I am looking forward to combining my desire to empower others with a lifelong interest in financial advice. I hope to support the next generation of investors in planning their futures and using their assets to promote businesses and causes they believe in.

I can still often be found in the Maine woods – hiking, skiing, mountain biking, and swimming. I also love to play field hockey, cook, and see concerts in Portland. My partner, Alex, and I are currently renovating our first house in Brunswick.