When I was in college, I spent a summer managing the office of my cousin’s small business, That was the first time I could tangibly see how exciting owning a business could be. When I graduated, I told my advisor I was going to help people make smart decisions handling and investing their money. I reasoned that all people earn money from their chosen career path, and they need to understand it so they can continue to follow their own dreams and passions. I still believe this today, more than ever.

Knowing I had no idea how to go about advising people, I returned home to Massachusetts and started looking for a job in a financial services firm. I was hired by a small, independent broker/dealer called Commonwealth Equity Services. This proved to be one of the most fortunate, defining moments of my life. I worked there for 8 years in a variety of positions for a fast-growing, successful company. During this time, I went to Boston College nights to get my MBA in Finance and Operations Management. To this day I rely on that training not only for my own business, but for those of my clients. In 2000 I left the home office to move to Maine with my husband, Chris. I was no longer an employee of Commonwealth, but rather one of their advisors. We continued to grow and develop ever since. Commonwealth Financial Network has become the largest independent RIA Broker Dealers of the financial services industry. I am so proud and grateful that they took a chance on that young woman over 25 years ago!

Chris and I are happy to say that we have lived in Maine together for the past 19 years. It is a wonderful place to build our careers, homes, and family. While biased, I truly believe there are no other folks like my fellow Mainers. I love working with my clients, and appreciate the honesty, integrity, and balance of my neighbors and friends. We have a great team here in the office and have been together for a long time. We are also parents, children, spouses, siblings, and friends. We share the celebrations and losses of our clients’ life experiences alongside them. I have a great day at work, every day. How many of us can say that?

When I am not at work, Chris and I are raising our sons Jack and Gavin. We spend time with our extended family and our friends both near and far. The boys share our love for travel, and we are making the most of every school vacation to share adventures with them. They also love sports and music, and we are as busy as every other parent out there. We are having fun.  I am so grateful for the strong, happy life I have been given.